Not any ingredient passes through the stoves of our kitchen. When we devise and choose a dish from our menu, we consolidate small actions that are much more relevant than we think. Because when we decide to bet on Delta products, of our land, we not only win in quality, but, Besides, we distribute the benefits for our land. We help to conserve the landscape, we avoid the abandonment of cultivated fields and rice fields, and we contribute to the way of life of the people who work them, villagers and the local economy. We are strong advocates of ecological and proximity products.

Before there was talk of sustainability, Km 0, healthy cuisine and local produce; in our Gastronomic Hotel we already had the firm conviction of finding a sustainable balance with our environment.

Ours is the first Hotel in Catalonia to receive the European Ecolabel label, accrediting us as benchmarks in sustainability and responsible tourism. Joan Capilla, Chef and owner, was the promoter of this HotelEco concept, And it is that we cannot be more demanding with the proximity product with which we work in the Restaurant.

The Cuisine of L’Algadir is cuisine of the Delta, with contemporary touches, that seeks to maintain the "traditional flavor of our grandparents' cuisine". Our fortune has been to raise and suckle from this land, the Ebro Delta. One of the most unique areas of the country. Its flat horizon offers 320 square kilometers of magical and rich landscapes. Our Delta is an orchard and in turn sea, they are oysters and they are rice fields. Landscape, culture, history and character… especially, gastronomic character.

The culinary wealth of the territory is characterized by the great variety of fresh and elaborated products, proximity and high quality, that are amalgamated in our lands and that local producers pamper so much. We highlight he rice, star product and one of the dishes that our chef works with the most care. In the Delta, a round rice of different varieties is grown and harvested, but all of them of great quality. In our restaurant we work with the varieties of Bomba rice, of the marsh and the carnaroli, looking for the best synergy with the rest of the products that make up each dish. Definitely, rice is an essential in our restaurant and the favorite dish of our customers.

All seafood: mussels, curly oyster, prawns, clams… They are a local product with a unique flavor, thanks to the quality of the water in the bays of the Ebro Delta Natural Park.

The green necked duck, more specifically in our restaurant we use the one in lusiana from the mouth of the river, that has a high cultural and gastronomic value, It is one of the most characteristic foods in the area. It is a fine and versatile meat, that binds well in all kinds of dishes and with a very pleasant characteristic flavor.

Another of the star products is Red tuna, Raised and fish in the north of the Delta, bluefin tuna are a food of the most appreciated and demanded in the Ebro Delta.

They also highlight sea ​​products, like the wide variety of fish like monkfish, octopus or sea nettles. Daily our chef travels to the La Ràpita fish market to see first-hand the newly arrived product and select the best one to serve, very cool, in our restaurant. From Orchard; like artichoke, or oil, that we grow and harvest ourselves on our farm. And meats of unbeatable quality, As the organic chicken or the Lamb from "La Fardasqueta", lambs and kids raised in the Sierra del Montsià, a km0 product that results in exceptional meat. All thanks to a totally organic production , responsible and respectful with the environment that surrounds it. They do not eat feed and give up intensive production. Production is around 180 – 200 lambs and about 150 kids. That's why it's about “season meat”.

Or our wide wine list with more than 130 references, of which more than half are local or organic wines, natural or biodynamic.

Gastronomy and commitment in L’Algadir del Delta
“If there is anyone who pays homage to the gastronomic tradition of the area and the products of the land, is without a doubt the Algadir del Delta gastronomic hotel. Thanks to its commitment to local ingredients, its transparency and its commitment to the environment…”

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Every season, our chef studies the menu and updates the dishes, everything so that our clients can enjoy a gastronomic trip through the Delta. At present, is immersed in the letter of the next season. We are looking forward to showing you all the news very soon!

Do you want to enjoy a gastronomic tour through the flavors of the Delta? Information and bookings: 977 744 559 • 655 132 743.

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