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Enjoy our local cuisine, rich and varied, We only use products of our territory or vicinity.. Our restaurant was certified in 2014 gastronomic by the Generalitat of Catalonia. This award acknowledges our daily work, and is a prize to the efforts of our team in the dissemination of Catalan cuisine and proximity.

Furthermore, proximity to Terra Alta, Montsant and Priorat is a blessing for our wine list, a referent in Poble Nou.

"Flirtatious, now and in the Delta del Ebro, with rice paddies just meters. The chef-owner, faithful to products "Km 0", It has classic cuisine and a wide selection of rice, his Speciality. Kept rooms complement!"

- inspectors MICHELIN guide

Restaurant Menu

  • ECO mixed salad with tomatoes Huerto de Carmen, goat cheese, duck ham, carrot juice, beet, pickled onion, nuts, chia seeds, bimi and honey and mustard

  • White prawn carpaccio with chives San Carlos, nuts, sweet onion, ginger and citrus

  • Our croquettes: blue crab and shrimp, duck with Iberian ham and black of calamarcito (6 units)

  • Coca Duck Foie Delta with different flowers of salt Delta, caramelized onions, candied tomatoe, buds and berries

  • Curly Ostra Delta (6 units), to the ntural, braised with citrus and coriander

  • Coca recapte with grilled vegetables and eel chapadillo

  • Bluefin tuna salad with tomato and pickled Balfegó pickled vegetables


  • Delta braised kale with oyster Iberian, pickled onion, Smoked eel Delta, Quinoa and cream galley,

  • Hen egg jacket low temperature, artichokes, Pastor crumbs with Iberian, sausage, shrimp and cod tripe

  • Huevo de pato del Delta cocido a baja temperatura, mashed potatoes, Langostino San Carlos, sausage rice, Iberian and grated truffle

  • Sea cucumber "espardeñas" sauteed with garlic, spicy sausage of black pig '' Ibizan '' and foie micuit of the Delta


  • Anemones of sea rebozadas, with white prawns, maonesa citrus and sea vegetables

  • Boiled octopus low temperature, Braised with creamy mayonnaise purple potato and red pepper

  • Tosta kelp bluefin tuna tartare Balfegó, Delta ECO guacamole and wasabi mayonnaise

  • Prawns grilled la Rapita (250 gr)

  • Scampi grilled la Rapita (250 gr)

  • Noodles "seixats" Sailors

  • Paella rice ECO "Marisma" with vegetables

  • Paella rice '' Bomba '' with seafood

  • "Bomba" rice with duck, eel, snails and vegetables

  • Brown rice with cuttlefish black, squid and shrimp.

  • Rice Casserole '' Marisma '' parted and red Gambita

  • Soggy "Carnaroli" cola rape, prawns and cuttlefish

  • Soggy "Carnaroli" Mallard duck of nde la Ribera

  • Soggy "Carnaroli" caldoso blue crab

  • Soggy "rice" of the señporito with ""Espardenyes" (peeled seafood)"

  • Rice monkfish tail, prawns and cuttlefish (30 min wait)

  • Soggy "Carnaroli" Stewed duck kaki Ribera

  • Paella rice '' Bomba '' the gentleman with "espardeñas" (wait 30 minutes)


artisan bread: 1,20 € slice

* Minimum for 2 persons.
* Maximum 2 kinds of rice per table.
* 25 to 40 minute wait about.
* 100 grams per person
***At night, reservations required

  • Delta duck Cannelloni nugget grandmother scented pear, duck sauce and parmesan cheese truffle (2 units)

  • Dice chicken coated with panko, marinated with miso and sake "Kenzo", sour cream horseradish, radish pickles and mayonnaise

  • Delta duck breast cooked at low temperature, ratafía sauce, tears of mango and orange

  • ECO honeyed lamb '' fardasqueta '' Montsià, sheep's milk, pumpkin cream and crunchy banana

  • Mar i Mountain range chicken ECO (branches Milio) with shrimp Sant Carles, Parmentier potato crest heads prawns

  • "Suquet" stripe to the sailor style and potato praline and crunchy shrimp.

  • Eel stew, croutons toasted bread, pumpkin cubes, onions and artichoke.

  • Monkfish baked with creamy zucchini, air oil from our farm, vegetables and vegetables


Tasting menu

as Gastronomia

Welcome Snacks

Duck croquettes with ham and blue crab and shrimp over rice noodles

Russian salad with smoked eel

Delta braised kale with oyster Iberian, smoked eel, Quinoa and cream galley

Hen egg jacket low temperature, artichoke, Pastor crumbs with Iberian, sausage and cod tripe

Duck cannelloni with Grandma Pepita aromal pear and parmesan Crest


Galleys rice and artichokes


The dessert of the day


Drinks not included

reservation previous

(It served a full table)
(The menu may vary by market)

39€ / person

Chef menu

This is the special menu where Joan will make you enjoy a gastronomic tour of the Delta, where you will taste seasonal produce; marisco, duck, Sant Carles de pescado, rice, cheeses ...

I drink coffee not included

(It served a full table)

Reservations required

60€ / person

Meet the Chef Joan Capilla

Algadir talk is talk about Joan Capilla, siempre corriendo de un lado a otro: recepción, dinning room, cocina, prepara un arroz, see if the meat is at its service ... And so after service, with an open mind and feet on the floor. Joan studied Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport and later graduated in Tourism. Finally he studied Advanced Basic Kitchen and the Hoffman School of Hotel Barcelona.

Joan is a young restless mind and in love with his environment has always been committed to Catalan cuisine and gastronomy of the Delta del Ebro. While introducing new products that complete your recipe.

At 25 he decided to open the Delta Hotel Algadir and was later recognized for his work in the kitchen with the seal of Hotel Gastronomic offered by the Catalan Tourism. In November 2016 Joan was recommended for the first time in The Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recognition.


Reserve a table for two with the best local dishes for an anniversary. Or book a longer table for a big family.

Christenings and communions

Impress your guests reserving the restaurant for a baptism or Communion. Reserve space, decides the menu and invite someone!

Small weddings

Organizing an intimate wedding and enjoy our facilities. Show your friends the authentic Catalan cuisine and atmosphere of the Delta del Ebro.

Reserve table now

+34 977 744 559

Food schedule

13:30 a 15:30

Dinner hours

Of 20:30 a 22:00

* Closed Sunday night, Monday lunch and evening.
* It is advisable to book in advance.


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