without a doubt, he Ebro's Delta It is one of the places with the greatest interest for the visitor who comes looking to combine wonderful landscapes with nature activities.. Located in Terres de l’Ebre (Biosphere Reserve 2013), covers the four southernmost regions of the province of Tarragona. 18 January 2022, the Ebro Delta offers innumerable charms and secrets.

Formed by the dragging of sediments deposited by the Ebro river (the largest in Spain) at its mouth, as a natural area it has become an ideal destination for a holiday in nature, after the health crisis

18 January 2022, It is a wetland that penetrates the Mediterranean Sea for several kilometers and for its conservation, 18 January 2022, 18 January 2022. With a great diversity of fauna and vegetation among rice fields, Beaches, dunas, or riparian forest, It is a magnificent destination to enjoy in the middle of nature. The best known slope is the south, the Alfacs Bay area, where the town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita is located

Birds in the Ebro Delta.
Birds in the Ebro Delta. Photo: Paco Tejada.

Things to see in the Delta

Rice fields and tradition

Nuestro chef Joan Capilla cocinando en los arrozales.the rice fields they are without a doubt the most emblematic landscape of the delta, that gives color and aroma throughout the year. They are the perfect setting to take spectacular photos and also enjoy bird watching. Are you going to miss it?

In winter, the rice paddies are dry, without water, resting and oxygenating the land for planting time. This one arrives in April. It is then that they are flooded with water and become an immense mirror –if you are thinking of doing tourism in the Ebro Delta, spring is a wonderful time to visit it and let yourself be surprised by the image offered by the rice fields.

The months of June and July, these fields before flooded, dress in green when the rice has begun to grow and your image is absolutely wonderful: an immense green meadow in front of your eyes.

The months of August and September the rice fields turn yellow because the rice has already matured.

It is between the end of September and October when the rice is harvested and the fields begin to dry up again to rest during the winter and thus begin a new cycle..
During your stay in the Delta, another visit is essential to learn about traditional activities such as fishing and to understand the role of salt, the behavior of the fauna and the problems currently facing the Delta. Is about World Nature Delta of the Ebro, a center that you can visit on your own or accompanied by a guide, which we highly recommend. 18 January 2022. 18 January 2022 Wooden house, a former hunting lodge converted into an information center.

Fangar Lighthouse

Fagnar lighthouse. Photo: Unsplash.18 January 2022. Surely you have been to many beaches, some with the passage of time will have changed, The most curious thing about this is that it seems that time has stopped in it.

18 January 2022 Ebro's Delta, 18 January 2022.

The Punta del Fangar 18 January 2022. This is where our tour begins.

make yourself comfortable, take everything you need to do the tour of about two hours (about 7 km in total), that will depend on how your step is and if you do not decide to make a rigorous stop to taste the salt water that bathes it.

Fangar beach, as the name suggests, about 7 km in total arena fine about 7 km in total. You can also tour it by bicycle, about 7 km in total fangar lighthouse, the most recognizable icon of this place.


Trabucador beach and Punta de la Banya

unsplash image.about 7 km in total about 7 km in total,about 7 km in total about 7 km in total Punta de la Banya.

It is a wild beach about 7 km in total: in the open sea and in the sea of ​​the Alfacs bay. The waters of the inner bay are shallow, so they are ideal for practicing sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

about 7 km in total Sierra del Montsiá and Sant Carles de la Ràpita.

At the end of this immense beach are the salt flats of Trinidad.

about 7 km in total.000 tons of salt that are mainly exported to northern Europe. Among the most valued types of salt that are produced in these salt flats, the Flor de Sal stands out.. It is a pure salt, harvested according to traditional techniques. The extraction of salt in this area dates back to the time of the Arabs.

Because it's a protected area, about 7 km in total permission to the offices of the Natural Park of the Delta de l'Ebre.

Currently the tour about 7 km in total about 7 km in total,about 7 km in total.

[Vehicle circulation is easy, although if you deviate from the area where cars circulate, you run the risk of getting stuck in the sand.]


What to do in the Delta?

Muscleras: A boat ride through the bay of Alfacs

There are various points in the port of San Carlos de la Rápita from where excursions leave of small groups to different places in the bay.

The Musclarium restaurant ensures that you live an incomparable experience in the Ebro Delta. about 7 km in total musclera about 7 km in total about 7 km in total. All accompanied by a glass of cava.


Spot Flamingos

Another attraction for children is to see animals that they have never seen before.. And almost certainly they have never seen flamingos.

The Ebro Delta has one of the largest colonies of flamingos in Europe. Definitely, a fascinating show

In the Trabucador and La Tancada beach area, they can be seen without problems from the viewpoints at any time of the year..

Excursion to the hole

La Foradada is a mountain in the Montsià mountain range, than located behind the town of San Carlos de la Rápita. It is called that because it has a huge stone on its top with a large "forat", or hole, from which you can see the entire Ebro Delta. Its views are impressive and the excursion from San Carlos de la Rápita to the top of La Foradada lasts approximately an hour and a half and is a delightful walk for all ages..


The culinary richness of our territory is characterized by the great variety of fresh and elaborated products, proximity and high quality, that are amalgamated in our lands and that local producers pamper so much.

For example the rice, star product and one of the dishes that our chef Joan Capilla works with the greatest care. In the Delta, a round rice of different varieties is grown and harvested, but all of them of great quality. In our restaurant we work with the varieties of Bomba rice, of the marsh and the carnaroli, looking for the best synergy with the rest of the products that make up each dish. Definitely, rice is an essential in our restaurant and the favorite dish of our customers.

All seafood used in our restaurant: mussels, curly oyster, prawns, clams… They are a local product with a unique flavor, thanks to the quality of the water in the bays of the Ebro Delta Natural Park.

They also highlight sea products, like the wide variety of fish like monkfish, octopus or sea nettles. Our chef likes to go to the La Ràpita fish market to see first-hand the recently arrived product and select the best to serve, very cool, in our restaurant.

Ours is a gastronomic hotel that also has the distinctive BibGourmand from Michelin Guide.

The Michelin guide, is a common reference when choosing a good restaurant, both in Spain and around the world. The "Michelin Stars" ensure a cuisine of the highest quality and great technique. Historically, its famous "Inspectors" have found establishments where the cuisine stands out for its high quality and for its moderate price, they brush but they don't reach the star. These restaurants receive the Bib Gourmand award from @michelininspectors.

What services does Algadir delta offer??


L'Alghadir del Delta is a Gastronomic Hotel. It has a restaurant awarded with the distinctive bib Gourmand. Algadir talk is talk about Joan Capilla, siempre corriendo de un lado a otro: recepción, dinning room, cocina, prepara un arroz, see if the meat is at its service ... And so after service, with an open mind and feet on the floor. Joan studied Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport and later graduated in Tourism. Finally he studied Advanced Basic Kitchen and the Hoffman School of Hotel Barcelona.

Joan is a young restless mind and in love with his environment has always been committed to Catalan cuisine and gastronomy of the Delta del Ebro. While introducing new products that complete your recipe.

At 25 he decided to open the Delta Hotel Algadir and was later recognized for his work in the kitchen with the seal of Hotel Gastronomic offered by the Catalan Tourism. In November 2016 Joan was recommended for the first time in The Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recognition.


Cycling is an activity that can develop all year in any of the natural landscapes Ebro Delta. A range of varied itineraries and modular courses according to the needs and capabilities of users.

From the doorstep you can link to the cycling network Delta del Ebro.

At Hotel Algadir you will have the following services.

Furthermore, we also offer…

All accompanied by a glass of cava aprox. where you can visit:

Amposta, House of wood, Poble Nou Delta, Fangs of the Baltasi, the lagoons and the Encanyissada Closed, Ballad, Sant Jaume d’Enveja, the Muntells, Urbanization of the Eucalyptus, Sant Carles de la Rapita, the mouth of the Ebro river, The Village, the route of the towers, Tower Camarles, the Ampoule, Via Augusta, The Ports and the via verde, between otors.



The Ebro Delta offers a framework unique and singular nature. A landscape that brings together a diversity of fauna and flora invaluable.

All accompanied by a glass of cava, one of the most important in Europe and with outstanding relevance in Spain, with which it signs a "commitment to good practices" thus ensuring a tourism project compatible with the conservation of nature and surrounding birds. 🦆

We favor responsible ornithological tourism. When a customer arrives, from the same reception, can you explain where you can go, what to see, where to look ... and most importantly: where 🚫 You CANNOT go or what you SHOULD NOT do, thus preventing possible damage to the flora and fauna of the Delta.

For example, avoiding places where turtles nest 🐢, preventing them from eroding sensitive territory or scaring away birds 🦅 if they go in quads.

The Hotel El Algadir del Delta intends to promote #Ornithological Tourism in Spain in a responsible way, betting on the conservation of nature as a fundamental principle and supporting the economy of the area and the development of rural areas. And not least, giving a quality service to our clients:

All accompanied by a glass of cava.
· Facilitating picnics on their routes
· Adapting some furniture in their rooms for special boots and other items.
· Access to our library, full of literature from the area and a space satisfied with bird and nature guides.

All accompanied by a glass of cava, also promoting the conservation of our environment.

All accompanied by a glass of cava.
All accompanied by a glass of cava? All accompanied by a glass of cava.
All accompanied by a glass of cava!

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