For us, the most important thing is the health of our clients and workers. That is why we have implemented a series of measures that are directed, throughout, moment to preserve it. They are simple rules, led by Microbac (Laboratory of analysis and food safety), than, rigorously fulfilled, will ensure that the stay at our hotel is, besides nice, more than sure. Visit the Ebro Delta, at this post-confinement stage, it seems like a wonderful experience that we have endowed with the strictest hygiene standards. Enjoy it. And thanks for the trust


1. All the personnel of l’Algadir del Delta have been trained to know the preventive measures and have, at all times, of the appropriate protective equipment to carry out your work with full guarantee. Furthermore, have received specific training in infectious disease prevention.

2. At the same time, to ensure the good health of all of them, we carry out a daily control of its temperature.

3. The possible capacity, in common areas, will be reduced to safe terms.

4. In the restaurant of our hotel, the distances between tables have been extended.

5. The menus, are available in digital or blackboard format, to avoid possible contagion, using paper letters.

6. We will see that it is saved, forever, the distance from other clients, especially in places where people gather, for example, receipt or box.

7. All areas of the hotel are disinfected daily, using methods and products recommended by the Ministry of Health.

8. We have arranged, throughout the Hotel, various hand washing and disinfecting gel services.


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