DetectaHotel, the comparator of accommodation with offices in Barcelona, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Seoul and Sidney, has begun an extensive evaluation that includes the different types of accommodation in Spain.
This evaluation consisted of gathering data from millions of customer comments, and translate them into an official Recognition of Excellence.

The DetectaHotel Recognition of Excellence is not a ranking but a group of outstanding accommodations chosen based on strict criteria. To be considered, owners must meet a number of criteria:

• At the time of being judged, accommodation is rated 8.5 / 10 or more, with a minimum of 100 customer comments on the DetectaHotel page.
• We were unable to detect any outstanding customer service problems, or any recurring or unsolved problems.

In addition, DetectaHotel is also considering the way in which the hotel employees responded to the Recognition of Excellence team., demonstrating your commitment to providing prompt assistance.

Hotel L’Algadir del Delta boasts a high satisfaction rating among its clients and experts in the travel industry, having received 274 comments and an impressive average rating of 9 out of 10.

"We are very happy to be working with the best accommodation in Spain and Hotel L’Algadir del Delta is certainly among them", Melinda Balazs has said, Regional Manager at DetectaHotel for Latin America.

"What is different about the Recognition of Excellence is the way in which the information has been collected and analyzed: it all depends on the client and their experience with that particular accommodation ”.

"With DetectaHotel, 30 million people are finding the best offer available online every month. With this recognition, we would like to make it even easier for travelers to identify the best accommodation in customer service and therefore, The best value for money."

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