Meet the


Joan Capilla Pepiol

Chef and manager of Algadir del Delta

“I am a happy person, friendly and enjoys good food and drink.”

Joan "Batiste" Chapel" (It seems so)

Rice starting head

“I'm friendly, alegre, hardworking and good person.”

Cynthia Del Pino Gil

Psychologist, room address, winery and emotion manager

“I am a constant woman, worker, passionate about what I do, sensible, activa, in love with my family and friends, sociable, observant and emotional.”

Yaya Darboe

Sous chef and pastry chef

“I am shy and dreamy.”

Ebrima Saburu

Garrison party

“I am shy and I really appreciate people's respect.”

Olga Sánchez Segui

room service

“I am a dreamer.”

Hatim Abdellaoui (H)

“I'm the fucking master!”

Shirley Zafiricudo


“I'm shy.”

Amanda Reverté Morales


“I am a friendly and hard-working person.”

María José Gil Pacheco


“I am a fighting woman, worker, constant and familiar.”

Marcel Salvatella Prison


“I try to enjoy everything I do, even when it's something I don't like.”

Jhordy Alexander Zafiricudo

Breakfast and restaurant waiter

“2 + 2 = 5”

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