Dear customers and friends:

Imagine that you are not strangers to this circumstance that affects us all alike. The national alert because of the pandemic of the Covid-19, It has led to the closure of hotels, restaurants and many more companies, Today, we have to stay waiting for a favorable resolution of the situation.

It's time to stay home, as you know, and from l'Algadir of the Delta just want to ask you abide in them and that you must carefully much. In the coming days, throught social media, I'll get to the day of all our projects and we will offer rich own recipes, as well as promotions and sweepstakes to reward your loyalty all these years and to compensate us, once ended up spending all this, # It porqueestopasará, enjoying the Ebro Delta as we have always done.

Thanks for being there and thanks, now more than ever, the bravest thing to do in a crisis. No go out. #quedateencasa

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