A healthy alternative, ecological and educational
for your leisure time.

Cycling is an activity that can develop all year in any of the natural landscapes Ebro Delta. A range of varied itineraries and modular courses according to the needs and capabilities of users.
From the doorstep you can link to the cycling network Delta del Ebro.

Facilities for clicloturista

At Hotel Algadir you can use the following services

  • enclosed space for bicycles.
  • outdoor parking for bicycles.
  • Mini store items cicloturista.
  • Bike cleaning area.
  • Shower area.
  • Auto repair shop.

Furthermore, also we offer ...

  • Bicycle rental service.
  • Special menus for athletes.
  • Pick up at the station or airport.

Cycling itineraries

The wide variety of itineraries Delta offers approx 232 Km. where you can visit:
Amposta, House of wood, Poble Nou Delta, Fangs of the Baltasi, the lagoons and the Encanyissada Closed, Ballad, Sant Jaume d'Enveja, the Muntells, Urbanization of the Eucalyptus, Sant Carles de la Rapita, the mouth of the Ebro river, L'Aldea, the route of the towers, Tower Camarles, the bottle, Via Augusta, The Ports and the via verde, between otors.
  • Ecomuseum - Desembocadura.
  • Ruta de les gaps.
  • Ecomuseum - Fangar Bay.
  • Balsa de les Olles.
  • Les Torres - Via Augusta - The Olles
  • Desembocadura - Garxal - Riumar
  • Via Verde Tortosa Terra Alta
  • Aldea – Camarles - Bottle
  • Amposta - Fangs - Wooden House
  • Family route

Collaborations and certifications:

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