This is once again the Christmas we have all wished for at some point this past year.

Get back together with friends, companions and family has been a long cherished dream, that finally comes true.

Because, L’Algadir del Delta, wants to witness your reunions and do his bit, so that these parties are so endearing, have the aroma and flavor of delta products and cuisine.


We start with these delicious company menus that we have made, so that that long-awaited meeting, with whom we share the day to day, become a very special day full of the traditional flavor of Christmas.

Check out our fabulous menus, choose the one that best suits your tastes and make your reservation. Don't forget to choose a good table!


And how could it be otherwise, we want to end this year with you, giving him a goodbye as only together we could do: big time.

We have designed a menu where you can taste the most traditional delicacies of our territory, with that avant-garde touch that only L’Algadir del Delta knows how to put our proximity products.


Finally, What better way to start the New Year than with this delicious menu at L’Algadir del Delta? We want to celebrate this first day of the year with you and, together, toast to all the bad things we have left behind and to a happy and hopeful 2022.



Are you still thinking about that special gift for that someone even more special? We have the best of options! This year, gives L’Algadir del Delta.

How? It is very simple: You just have to decide which one you think will be the L’Algadir Gift Voucher what more excitement does that person and, once chosen, It only remains to wait and see his face of happiness when receiving it.


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