Sustainability / Ecolabel

In 2011 the Hotel l’Algadir del Delta became the first hotel in Catalonia with the Ecolabel Ecological European certificate. This marks that the hotel has selective environmental requisites, with enough information for the clients about it and the possibility for them to choice the products with this certificate.

At the L’Algadir del Delta we take care to use renewable energy sources, save electricity and water, and reduce waste with the mind in the environment.

This compromise with the natural sustainability gives us the European Card of Sustainable Tourism. We have been working with the Delta Ebre Natural Reserve for this kind of tourism.

We bet for a nature tourism, especially relational with ornithologist, with a compromise of social and environment responsibility. We understand the nature tourism like “the one that satisfice the actual tourist and the destinations needs, at the same time that protects and guarantee the activity in the future” (OMT, Sustainable Tourism definition)

Our proposal is to reduce the negative impacts of the tourism on the environment and maximize the good ones, applying with this purpose global criteris of sustainability in the planning and development

We valorized our natural heritage, especially the animals like birds, as a motivation.

We involve our neighbors, collaborators and providers to improve the attention to the nature tourist.

We think that only the offers with responsibility and sustainable on the environment,  with professionals with a good formation, can reduce the negative impact on the development in our land.

Our working filosoph environmentally commited has made us win some awards:

Special mention as the best little hotel in the first sustainable tourism awards of Catalonia (2013).

Nomination to the ENDESA Sustainable buildings awards (2013).

Special mention at EUROPARC awards to touristic bussines environmentally committed (2014).

PLATINIM GREENLEADERS of tripadvisor, the main award to sustainable bussines (2014).

Honorific recognizement to the best project on sustainability and Hotel rehabilitation (FITUR 2016).