The Delta

At the Ebro Delta there is an incomparable nature situation, which offers a landscape with an important biological richness with a diversity of animals and vegetation.


With 320 km² of surface, becomes the biggest aquatic habitat in Catalonia and a very important area for the aquatic zones in the Mediterranean.

Poble Nou del Delta

Poble Nou del Delta, is an small village that belongs to Amposta (Catalonia). Founded in 1956 by the National Colonization Institute with the name of Villafranco del Delta. Name changed by the actual in 2003.

Characterized by the flowers on the streets, and the typical houses with gardens within. Special mention for the excellent gastronomy offered by the restaurants in this village

If you like nature, at Terres de l’Ebre you will find large and calm pristine beaches, and the landscape of a Natural Reserve. Also, the great mountains of the Natural Reserve “Els Ports de Beseit”.

If you prefer the heritatge, there are Prehistorical paintings declarated World heritatge by the UNESCO or Imperial Fortress and Temples build by the Arabics.

The popular culture or a walk along the fishers or mountain villages, are going to understand the daily life of the Delta citizens and the nature of the Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve.

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