Come and discover the Natural Park of Delta de l'ebre with bicicle!

Bicicle touring scape

Do you want to discover the Ebre river delta on two wheels? Would you like to do sport while you’re enjoying a nice holidays? In the Algadir del Delta hotel, we have prepared a beautiful scape for make it real, with the best bicicle touring services, because we want you to have an unforgetable experience.

In l’Algadir del Delta hotel we’re committed with the environment and the sostenibility, and we guarant the relax and the rest that you’re looking for. We’re opening you the door to discover with us this wonderful natural park with your friends, couple or family.

The bicicle touring scape includes:

  • Welcome to the hotel with a glass of cava.
  • 2 nights of bed and breakfast.
  • A Menú dinner for both nights of our restaurant.
  • A map with the choosen way.
  • The possibility of have a picnic.
  • Bikes for one day.
  • Free acces to the gym of the hote.
  • The possibility of hire a guide for groups or individual.
  • If you came with your own bike, cleaning service and private warehouse.
  • Free tour: Lagoon route (26 km, 3 hours aprox.) Route stops: The wooden house, the sightpoint of la Tancada, the poble nou, the encanyissada, el Traves, the box of bats, and the Pantena. In this tour you’ll be able to see the fauna and flora of Delta de l’Ebre and for finishing the route you’ll be able to do some muscular stretching in our gym and have a relaxing time on the hotel swimming pool.